Thursday, February 21, 2013

AZ lawmakers target Spice

The synthetic marijuana known as "Spice" maybe seeing it's last days Arizona. State lawmakers have started to take action against the synthetic drug considering it's dangerous record.
Two bills were introduced on Monday by a Senate committee targeting synthetic marijuana. The bills work in effort to make it harder for people to obtain and use Spice.
The Associated Press reports, One bill would prohibit businesses with liquor licenses from selling synthetic marijuana. This would remove the known dangerous substance from local liquor and convince stores limiting the ease of purchasing it. However this will have little effect on tobacco and smoke shops.
The other bill will allow the state to expand the definition of dangerous drugs to include synthetic marijuana. The bill would also increase the minimum fine of selling or manufacturing dangerous drugs from $1,000 to $25,000. State officials say the current law has very little impact on the distribution of Spice, because the small fine is worth the business, and minor chemical changes can be made to stay ahead of the law. Continue Reading...