Monday, October 22, 2012

Couple arrested after child eats marijuana

A couple from Tahlequah were arrested and charged last week with felony child neglect after their 1-year-old baby ate marijuana.

23-year-old James Cosby and his wife 23-year-old Ashley Cosby brought their 1-year-old baby into a local hospital after he started acting sick, but hospital personal quickly discovered that the parents may be to blame.

Hospital staff contacted Tahlequah police and informed them that the child's symptoms suggested he possibly ingested marijuana.

According to the Tahlequah Daily Press, the child was transferred to a Tulsa hospital shortly after police arrived, and there he tested positive for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psycho active chemical in marijuana.

Detective Thomas Donnell with the Tahlequah police department arrived with an official from the Department of Human Services to the Cosbys' home early the next day. Donnell reported that the house had a strong odor of marijuana, however James Cosby denied their was any in the home at first, then later came clean and showed Donnell the package of marijuana under the bathroom sink.

Later that day Ashley Cosby arrived with the child, but DHS would not allow the young boy back into the residence. The 1-year-old was then placed into his grandfathers care. Continue Reading...