Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ACLU supports Arizona marijuana law; Joins lawsuit

A lawsuit against an Arizona county over the zoning for medical marijuana dispensaries in Sun City gains support from The American Civil Liberties Union. Now the ACLU is pushing for full implementation of Arizona's medical marijuana law.

Last month White Mountain Health Center Incs' attorney filed a lawsuit against Maricopa county for neglecting to provide zoning clearances for a Sun City location, which are needed under the medical marijuana law. Now they have gained more support from the national ACLU and its Arizona affiliate to join forces in the lawsuit against the County.

But this case isn't the only goal the ACLU have in their sights, lawyers with the organization are pushing for full implementation of the medical marijuana law in Arizona. Thursday they filed a response stating Arizona is allowed to make policy decisions on medical marijuana.

The voter approved state medical marijuana law has been fought all the way by state officials and even the governor since it was made legal in 2010. Attorney General Tom Horne and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery head the fight against voters and the states' marijuana law. The prosecutors claim the voter approved law is illegal and conflicts with federal drug laws which trumps states law.

"Possession, distribution and cultivation of marijuana are all forbidden by federal law, and state authorization of these activities is pre-empted (by federal law)," Horne said.

In May of last year Arizona Governor Jan Brewer along with Tom Horne Continue Reading...