Monday, September 24, 2012

Gary Johnson Wants marijuana legalization

It is no secret that presidential candidate Gary Johnson is all for ending the prohibition of marijuana, and he is growing impatient of the current candidate front runners whom show no support for ending the failed war on drugs.

As the former governor of New Mexico (a bordering state with Mexico), Gary Johnson saw first hand the crime activity that spilled over into the US across the border. Illegal drugs were more accessible in his schools due the war on drugs and all crime was climbing because of it.

The failed war on drugs reminded Johnson of failed alcohol prohibition, and now decades later the related crime is down and abusers are treated in clinics and support groups rather then over-crowding prisons. This ended the maturity of harder criminals and gave states more money in the taxation of alcohol, funding both state and social services. But the problem has been simply moved to the prohibition of marijuana creating the exact same conditions that lead us to ending alcohol prohibition, and Gary Johnson wants to put an end to that.
The former governor wants to address the issues directly about what the people want verses what current Republican and Democratic candidates have to offer, marijuana legalization. The topic of marijuana legalization is always ignored and put on the back burner to non-issues that only effect a small percentage of the public. However in a recent ad Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has directly addressed the issue of marijuana legalization... Continue Reading and Watch the Video...

Gary Johnson Wants marijuana legalization

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Scientists discover marijuana compound fights cancer

Scientists at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco have discovered that cannabidiol has the ability of switching off DNA that cause some cancers to spread.

A pair of scientists have found that a compound derived from marijuana can be used to stop the growth of in many types of fatal cancer. The compound has so far proved to stop metastasis of aggressive cancer in animal test subjects when exposed to cannabidiol. Pleased with the result of this lengthy study, molecular biologists' are eager to begin human trials according to The Huffington Post.

"It took us about 20 years of research to figure this out, but we are very excited," said Pierre Desprez a molecular biologist at California Pacific Medical Center. "We want to get started with trials as soon as possible."

Desprez added that molecular biologists' may not of discovered this breakthrough on their own without... Continue Reading...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Arizona prepares to revoke cards Of medical marijuana violators

Arizona officials has made things very hard for patients to legally receive their medication. Now some patients and caregivers that have technically violated Arizona's new medical marijuana law, may have their cards revoked.

The state laws outlines that any caregiver or patient that fails to report violent crimes or lie on an application about past convictions may have their medical marijuana cards revoked. The law even states that the sell of medical cannabis outside the confines of an approved dispensary for profit is still illegal, and improperly secured grow rooms will also result in cards being pulled.

Two Arizona patients have already had their cards revoked for a violation, but the details are protected by a confidentiality clause. 10 others are under investigation for possible card revoking for violations according to Arizona DHS rules administrator Tom Salow.

Salow says the agency is behind in revoking cards due the failure to research the backgrounds of applicants. Arizona DHS is now working on a better process to review current card holders and applicants, and process future cases more swiftly.

Currently no profit is allowed for the exchange of medical marijuana outside of dispensaries, and with actions taken by Gov. Jan Brewer and Atty. Gen. Tom Horne, no dispensaries have been allowed to open. Continue Reading...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cannabis chewing gum!?

Coming this October approved medical marijuana patients will be able to get quick relief with a chewing gum containing Dronabinol (THC). Now patients will have the option of blowing bubbles rather then clouds of smoke.

The new marijuana gum is called Can Chew, and it's being developed by a Can Chew Technologies in San Diego and Medical Marijuana Inc. The new cannabis gum is one of an array of new medical marijuana products such as baked goods, candies and even honeys expected to hit dispensaries next mouth in states with medically approved marijuana laws.

Can Chew will help those patients with health conditions such as chronic pain, nausea, appetite loss, cancer sufferers and multiple sclerosis, receive quick relief by absorbing the medication through the lining of the mouth. When the gum is chewed, it releases particles of Dronabinol into the oral mucosa for speedy relief, and much safer then smoking. Continue Reading...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Man asks officer to find his marijuana

Police pull over two young men in a pre-hurricane traffic stop, and smell a strong Oder of marijuana. That's when the passenger asks officers if they could find their bag of weed which was dropped earlier at a nearby levee.
Kenner Police stopped two young men near businesses that were closed due to the coming of Hurricane Isaac. The vehicle didn't have a valid registration sticker, but this routine traffic stop was anything but ordinary.

According to the Times-Picayune, the officer smelled marijuana when he approached the vehicle of 18-year-old Chad Nicholson who was driving, and his passenger 21-year-old Jason Ray Sr. After Nicholson was unable to provide a driver's license, he allegedly told the officer that they had been smoking marijuana and they had more, but he wasn't sure where.

Ray then said there was about an ounce under a seat, but when police inspected the car there no no marijuana to be found. That's when Ray allegedly said to the officer, "I hope it didn't fall out of my lap when I got out of the car by the levee. Can you go get my weed?"

He then told police were he had exited the car by a nearby levee, and just where he said it was, is where officers found almost an ounce of marijuana.

Both Chad Nicholson and Jason Ray Sr were arrested for possessing marijuana, and possession with intent to distribute. Nicholson was also arrested for driving without a license and with an expired tag.

Let this be a lesson of what not to do when pulled over by police. Practice your rights, and just remain silent.

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Laced marijuana leads to murder of a child

A New Jersey man was apparently high on marijuana laced with PCP when he killed a 6-year-old boy earlier this week. A 12-year-old girl was also violently attacked at the same time, but lived to reach out out for help.
31-year-old Osvaldo Rivera was a well known marijuana user in his Camden neighborhood, and many considered him to be a harmless pothead. Then everything changed once he smoked some marijuana laced with the deadly violent inducing drug, PCP.

Rivera allegedly attacked 2 small children with a knife during the night while they were sleeping, a 6-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. Police say Rivera cut the throats of both young children leaving them for dead where they slept, then fled the scene.

The bleeding little girl then found her way to a neighbors house about 2 a.m. to get help, but it was too late her for little brother who did not survive the gruesome attack. She identified her attacker as "Popeye", which was Rivera's well known nick name.

Neighbors directed police to Rivera's home which was several miles from the crime scene. Continue Reading...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Google Earth used against medical marijuana growers

 Authorities and government officials have been using Google Earth to help find marijuana fields for a few years now, but now officials in California are using it to crack down on medical marijuana growers.

Things aren't as easy as practicing your rights to not allow authority eyes onto your property without a warrant anymore. With growing technology such as Google Earth which maps out the planet, it's as easy as accessing your address online for all to see. The online satellite mapping tool has been used by officials before to track down illegal marijuana crops, but now medical marijuana growers are at risk.

The state's Department of Fish and Game isn't searching for these fields because of the legality of marijuana, medical marijuana is illegal in California. They are using the resource in an effort to end serious issues with local river levels due to unpermitted medical cannabis growing fields, or so the claim is made on Google Earth's blog. Continue Reading...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Prosecutors fight AZ voters; Medical marijuana law

The fight against Arizona's medical marijuana program continues as state prosecutors act to stop dispensaries in the state. Prosecutors are also asking the court to rule that the voter approved law is illegal and conflicting with federal law.

This past Thursday Attorney General Tom Horne and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery continued their quest to end medical marijuana in Arizona. The prosecutors claim the voter approved law is illegal and conflicts with federal drug laws which trumps states law.

"Possession, distribution and cultivation of marijuana are all forbidden by federal law, and state authorization of these activities is pre-empted (by federal law)," Horne said.

However it's important to site the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution which was ratified on December 15, 1791. The principle of federalism by providing that powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the States by the Constitution are reserved to the States and/or the people.
Regardless of states rights, both state and county prosecutors disagree with the Constitution, and continue the fight to end the voter approved medical marijuana law.

The prosecutors' are targeting dispensaries applying to open business in the state for patients in need of medication. Some argue this is a personal act against a case of White Mountain Health Center Incs' lawsuit against the county for neglecting to provide zoning clearances for a Sun City location, which are needed under the medical marijuana law.

Horne and Montgomery asked Judge Michael Gordon to dismiss White Mountain's lawsuit on grounds that Arizona's marijuana law is illegal due to the federal stance on medical cannabis. Horne cited cases in other states where it was found that federal law trumps states' medical marijuana laws, Continue Reading...