Friday, August 31, 2012

Police officer tries to buy marijuana, loses job

A 20-year veteran police officer is fired after he attempts to score marijuana from a fellow detective. Now the former Hollywood officer is facing two misdemeanor drug charges.

42-year-old detective Nicholas Singley was fired earlier this month after he propositioned another officer to "hook him up" with some marijuana. He told detective Sergio Lopez he was dating a new girl who was 'hooked' on getting high, and he wanted Lopez to "hook him up if he comes across a nickel or a dime bag."

But detective Sergio Lopez wasn't as eager to put his job on line, he reported Singley to superior officers. That's when the department began to set up a surveillance operation.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Lopez's car was fitted with video and audio devices after obtaining 10 grams of marijuana from the police department's evidence stash. He was positioned facing a police surveillance van, that's when Lopez called Singley and said he had "that thing" he wanted. Within minutes Singley showed up carrying a gym bag and got into detective Lopez's vehicle.

Singley was pleased once Lopez handed over the pot. "You're the man, you're the best," he was reported as saying while putting it into his gym bag. Then Lopez told him not to mention to anyone that he had hooked him with the marijuana. Continue Reading...