Friday, August 31, 2012

Medical marijuana caregiver dies in police custody

One of Montana's first medical marijuana caregivers has died during a prison transfer in federal custody. He was being transferred due his worsening medical problems, and after mouths of delays was finally moved to a federal prison more properly equipped to handle his condition, but he never made it.

68-year-old Richard Flor, a Vietnam veteran, was sentenced to five years in prison earlier this year on drug related charges during some spring medical marijuana raids.

His family ran a dispensary out of their home, and Flor was a co-owner of Montana Cannabis. His wife and son were also sentenced to federal prison for their involvement in the business, but his daughter fought for a lighter sentence due her serious health problems.

Flor had been diagnosed with dementia and depression, and he had recently suffered two heart attacks aiding in a decline in his overall health. He was being held at a detention facility in Shelby since April awaiting this transfer to a federal prison better equipped to handle his condition, it was during this transport that Richard Flor passed away.

Family members are very upset about the whole situation that led up to Flor's death. Continue Reading...