Friday, June 29, 2012

Chicago council votes to decriminalize marijuana, wins by landslide

The "Windy City" Council just made and incredible vote to decriminalize possession of marijuana. The Chicago City Council voted Wednesday on the measure which was supported by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the votes were an overwhelming 43-2 in favor of decriminalization.

Personal users maybe able to avoid being arrested and taken downtown; Reuters reports, under the new ordinance offenders who possess 15 grams or less of marijuana, will be issued a written violation and fined between $250 and $500 instead of facing the back of a police car. The city in addition will reduce the growth of new criminals and existing crimes by reducing marijuana arrests and criminal records that can make it harder to get a job.

This doesn't mean of course that no marijuana arrests will be made, those possessing more then 15 grams, distributing, underage or smoking marijuana in public for instance will still be arrested and processed.  

The decision was part of an effort to cut time and spending on enforcement and incarceration, while raising revenue for the city. The time saved processing arrests for small amounts of cannabis will now be spent on more important criminal matters like violent crimes and Chicago's rising homicide rate.

According to Mayor Emanuel's office, there were more then 18,000 arrests for possession of less then ten grams last year. Each case took the time of at least four police officers per one offender for the initial arresting process alone. They also sited the ridiculously overcrowded Cook County court and jail system. 

Regardless of the new ordinance however, police officers will still have the authority to arrest people rather than ticket them. This rises question about whether this new measure came with an immediate rather inconvenient loophole. Some are making the argument that this will give police the right to enforce the law in a discriminative manner. Those officers who are die hard anti-marijuana, may act in protest of the ordinance while enforcing the law, which could lead to more unbalanced consequences for users.

Either way, let's keep taking these steps in the right direction America.

Alex Webb

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tommy Chong to treat cancer with cannabis oil

Actor, activist and comedian Tommy Chong has annouced he has stage one cancer. He plans to of course treat his condition with cannabis.

Star of the famous comedy group Cheech & Chong, 74-year-old Tommy Chong has fought for marijuana rights for decades. Now the comedian sadly has one more reason to continue fighting for the legalization of cannabis, he has been diagnosed with stage one prostate cancer.

"I've got prostate cancer, and I'm treating it with hemp oil, and with cannabis. So legalizing marijuana means more to me than just being able to smoke a joint without being arrested," he said.

In an interview with CNN Chong said he will be ingesting the cannabis oil because he no longer smokes marijuana. He also added he will be using it at night so he wouldn't be "Woozy" during the day.

During the three years he was of "Drugs", Chong began noticing health problems."I knew it had nothing to do with cannabis. Cannabis is a cure."

Tommy Chong to treat cancer with cannabis oil - Phoenix Cannabis Culture |

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

OpCannabis420 phase 2 announced, Anonymous

Anonymous releases a new video announcing the next phase of OpCannabis420, information, education and a new website lead the next push to legalize marijuana.

Back in April the online activist organization, Anonymous, started the first phase of a series of pro-marijuana protests, activism and action to influence powers in the federal government to legalize cannabis. The movement outlined wasted money, a failed drug war and criminal actions taken by our government.

OpCannabis420 made a statement to Toke of the Townin April, "We are approaching the 11 billion dollar mark that the government has spent on the drug war this year alone and have put millions of nonviolent offenders behind bars. This is a true crime against humanity and needs to end!" the group said.

The first phase was to have supporters change their social and profile pictures to pot bud or marijuana plant on 4/20/2012, and boy did they ever. Hundreds of thousands showed their support for marijuana that day by switching their pics, thousands marched and millions showed support in more ways then one.

Now a new video statement has surfaced announcing #OpCannabis420 phase 2, and movement makes some pretty big promises.

Anonymous in a joint effort with Team Vendetta plans to bump things up a notch by establishing a new website for communications which doubles as a central information hub, an internet radio broadcast and exposing criminal elements in corporate and government Continue Reading...

Teenager turns in parents for marijuana

 A respected married couple was arrested for growing marijuana after their teenage son reports them to the police.

Are you aware of what your children are being taught in schools? Reports are showing that it's more then academics and P.E., our kids are literally being taught to spy and report in their parents.

News Flash 420 reported on public schools encouraging children to watch for criminal activity and suspicious behavior at home, and reported this and the addition of kids being taught to report their parents for using to much water and energy. This may seem unlikely, however the number of children turning in mom and dad is on the rise, and it's working as well as it did for the Nazi's.

Now one Pennsylvania couple finds out the hard way that there maybe some truth to these rumors. 45-year-old Caren Shanfield and her husband 49-year-old Francis Joseph Medvedik are facing charges of manufacturing a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, criminal conspiracy and endangering the welfare of a child, after their 15-year-old son contacted police, NBC 10 News reported.
The teen reported to authorities that his parents were growing marijuana, he then invited police into their home and showed them the pot plants growing in the basement of their home. Police then arrested Shanfield and Medvedik on the drug charges and confiscated 18 pot plants and all the growing equipment. Neighbors are shocked.

"They're being painted as pot parents, they are not." neighbor Claire Kelly said.

Shanfield and Medvedik had no prior criminal record and were employed respectively as a chiropractor and a software engineer. The loving couple has five kids, friends and neighbors say they are excellent parents who are good providers and awesome neighbors. Now this one drug charge is about to end all of that. Their careers and child custody is now at stake over a non-harmful and nonaddictive recreational substance.

The couple was released on $100,000 bail and are expected in court June 8.

The prohibition of marijuana just might have taken two more valuable members of society, and turned them into two more criminals. Yay for the "War on Drugs" for taking two more respectful middle class people off the streets and bring them down to a crackheads level.

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