Monday, May 14, 2012

Pro marijuana advertisements running in Colorado

 The logical debate for pro marijuana use and anti-alcohol use has taken its next step in educating the public. In the state of Colorado a series pro marijuana advertisements have started running promoting the safer alternative in recreational use of substances.

The state has already legalized medical use of marijuana for patients looking for less harmful alternatives to damaging prescription medications. But now Colorado residents will have a chance to take their vote to the next level, this November a bill is on the ballot to legalize marijuana for all purposes. This law will allow marijuana to be taxed and regulated like tobacco and alcohol, which in return saves the state money in prohibition enforcement and gain even more money in taxes.

Four other states including Washington has passed similar props for vote in their November ballots this year, however Colorado is leading the way with this new TV ad campaign. The advertisements site the dangers of alcohol, dangers that marijuana use does not have, and state dollars and economy will be planned sited issues as well.

This Mothers day marked the first spot for the ads encouraging young adults to let their parents know that they prefer pot over alcohol and harsh substances. The campaign hopes to draw logical attention and public research of cannabis and cannabis products ending the harmful "Reefer Madness" out look that has crippled us from using the plant to its full needed potential.

Make sure to show your support and pass on the importance of registering to vote.

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