Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Police Raid wrong house; Cause fire

 San Diego, CaliforniaSan Diego Sheriff's Department raid the wrong house for a marijuana bust, and a southern California family barely escapes with their lives because of it.

Well if there wasn't just one more reason to legalize marijuana before, we just now found one. Deputies were on the track of a gunman that robbed a medical marijuana delivery service, and they obtained a warrant to raid the suspects home. The plan was in place, in and out with the suspect and no one gets hurt. But the raid didn't exactly go as planned.

They bust in on an innocent family having dinner, the Houston family was sitting down to dinner when suddenly police storm into their home with guns drawn. Home owner Willie Houston didn't know what to think when armed men started ordering him outside,  "So I go outside to the door and they tell me to stick my hand through the bar and come on out and follow the voice and the light, and as soon as I get out they handcuff me," He said.

The family was ordered out one by one at gunpoint and handcuffed. They kept telling police to turn of their stove for fear that their food would catch fire in their kitchen, but police wouldn't listen. The family was concerned because there was still family members upstairs including a child, they told police this so the house wouldn't catch on fire with family inside, and that's exactly what happened.

"I said, 'Wait a minute, there's food on the stove, my grand baby is upstairs, Cherie is upstairs, and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose, all the smoke started coming out of the house," stated Christine Houston.

The house caught fire and Sheriff's Deputies rushed to get the rest of the residents out of the burning home and thankfully everyone made it out alright, but the damage to the home and to the hearts of this family was devastating. The Sheriff's Department apologized for mix up and understanding that they could never completely make it right, they assured the Houston family they would compensate them for the damages to their home.

But a ruined night with the family and a mistakenly traumatizing experience isn't something that can be replaced or bought off. The good thing is that the family survived and is together, and after all this they at least get a new kitchen right? The Sheriff's Department will fix the damage caused for their mess-up of course...

Or will they?

Jan Caldwell, a spokesperson for the Sheriff's Department, is denying that any of Sheriff's Deputies offered the Houston family any compensation for the damages they caused. The whole matter will be under investigation regardless of the fact, that they raided the wrong home, there was no suspect, no stolen marijuana and no marijuana found period, they raided the wrong people.

God Bless America

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