Monday, May 7, 2012

Ohio maybe next to vote on legalized marijuana

 A few states including Washington and Colorado are going to be voting on legalizing marijuana for all uses. Now other states are working on their version of the bill to be voted on in an upcoming election.
The Ohio Chapter of NORML is pushing to change the law in Ohio, they want marijuana legalized already.

NORML is asking for full recreational and medical use of marijuana, and in addition save the state money by taxing it like alcohol and tobacco. President of Ohio NORML, Cher Neufer says it would work just like alcohol laws, you could buy it within the time allowed for alcohol if over 21, and you can grow it for personal use, but you can't sell it. 

The group assembled in downtown Cleveland Saturday to voice change in marijuana laws, and to gather signatures for the petition. They joined forces with another group working to get signatures for a medical marijuana program to give suffering patients a safer a more effective alternative. They need 385,000 signatures by July 4th in order to get the medical marijuana bill on the November ballot.

Both groups are gaining momentum to bring common sense laws about marijuana to Ohio, and the 4th of July is coming up fast. Be sure to show your support and help make the deadline.

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