Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meth lab explodes in man's pants

Okmulgee County, Ok- A man tried to escape police custody on foot when a portable meth lab explodes in his pants taking him down.

It's common now-a-days for some street dealers and addicts to carry on they're person a portable methamphetamine lab used for cooking smaller batches of the illegal drug.  The small pocket lab is also known as a one-pot lab, their used for cooking on the go, a type of "Survival Kit" for users.

Local police are used to finding these portable meth labs, that's why one Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper wasn't very surprised when his "Perp" had an explosion in his pants. State trooper Shiloh Hall stopped a man for questioning last week when he got a smell he was all to familiar with. Hall then asked the man about a chemical Oder coming from his person, that's when he tried to escape Hall on foot.

The man didn't get very far, the portable methamphetamine lab in his pants exploded while struggling with the state trooper. Trooper Shiloh Hall says the man was taken to be checked by emergency personnel, then booked in to Okmulgee County jail for drug charges and resisting.