Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Police Raid wrong house; Cause fire

 San Diego, CaliforniaSan Diego Sheriff's Department raid the wrong house for a marijuana bust, and a southern California family barely escapes with their lives because of it.

Well if there wasn't just one more reason to legalize marijuana before, we just now found one. Deputies were on the track of a gunman that robbed a medical marijuana delivery service, and they obtained a warrant to raid the suspects home. The plan was in place, in and out with the suspect and no one gets hurt. But the raid didn't exactly go as planned.

They bust in on an innocent family having dinner, the Houston family was sitting down to dinner when suddenly police storm into their home with guns drawn. Home owner Willie Houston didn't know what to think when armed men started ordering him outside,  "So I go outside to the door and they tell me to stick my hand through the bar and come on out and follow the voice and the light, and as soon as I get out they handcuff me," He said.

The family was ordered out one by one at gunpoint and handcuffed. They kept telling police to turn of their stove for fear that their food would catch fire in their kitchen, but police wouldn't listen. The family was concerned because there was still family members upstairs including a child, they told police this so the house wouldn't catch on fire with family inside, and that's exactly what happened.

"I said, 'Wait a minute, there's food on the stove, my grand baby is upstairs, Cherie is upstairs, and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose, all the smoke started coming out of the house," stated Christine Houston.

The house caught fire and Sheriff's Deputies rushed to get the rest of the residents out of the burning home and thankfully everyone made it out alright, but the damage to the home and to the hearts of this family was devastating. The Sheriff's Department apologized for mix up and understanding that they could never completely make it right, they assured the Houston family they would compensate them for the damages to their home.

But a ruined night with the family and a mistakenly traumatizing experience isn't something that can be replaced or bought off. The good thing is that the family survived and is together, and after all this they at least get a new kitchen right? The Sheriff's Department will fix the damage caused for their mess-up of course...

Or will they?

Jan Caldwell, a spokesperson for the Sheriff's Department, is denying that any of Sheriff's Deputies offered the Houston family any compensation for the damages they caused. The whole matter will be under investigation regardless of the fact, that they raided the wrong home, there was no suspect, no stolen marijuana and no marijuana found period, they raided the wrong people.

God Bless America

Police Raid wrong house; Cause fire - Phoenix Cannabis Culture | Examiner.com

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tons of Marijuana found floating off Calif. coast

 Orange County, Calif- Nearly 4 tons of illegal marijuana was discovered floating off a California coast by police Sunday. Now authorities are asking why someone would throw away millions.

Border Patrol Agents, Orange County sheriff's department and the U.S. Coast Guard filled the waters just south of Los Angeles Sunday morning, after a report of strange bundles floating in the Pacific Ocean.

"Shortly before noon on Sunday, May 20, maritime law enforcement authorities received a tip about suspicious bales floating in the water off the coast of Orange County, near Dana Point," said Michael Jimenez, border patrol agent.

Law enforcement recovered 7,263 pounds of marijuana total, the street value was estimated about $3.6 million. Authorities believe it to be apart of a large marijuana moving operation and load was dumped during a shipment. $3.6 million may seem like a lot, but for the size of most shipments, and when push comes to stove, $3.6 million is small potatoes.

"At other events, they've dumped the bales to get rid of weight if they're being chased. Generally in these cases we're aware they're being dumped. What's more unusual is that the bales were floating with no boat in sight," Jimenez added, as reported by the Orange County Register.

No Boat was ever reported or discovered, and there is no suspects. Meanwhile Police will probably end up destroying the marijuana, which could have been an extra few million for the country.

Tons of Marijuana found floating off Calif. coast - Phoenix Cannabis Culture | Examiner.com

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Marijuana and our economy

It might not be by coincidence that marijuana is becoming such a serious issue during the current state of our economy. Is it possible after being prohibited and looked down on, that marijuana could be what breaths life back into the United States? Experts and officials are starting to say yes.

Recently 300 economists signed a petition all agreeing that the legalization of marijuana could save the federal government $13.5 billion a year, simply by cutting prohibition enforcement and taxing cannabis sales. This might not seem like much when looking at our $1.5 trillion deficit, however it's financially a step in the right direction, and a huge step forward to using marijuana to it's full possible potential.
California officials are looking at the math as well seeing how the state can save money by taxing legalized pot. Tom Ammiano announced the introduction of a bill similar to Washington's and Colorado's legislation to be voted on this November. This bill aims to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol in the state of California, making the state billions a year.

"With the state in the midst of an historic economic crisis, the move towards regulating and taxing marijuana is simply common sense. This legislation would generate much needed revenue for the state, restrict access to only those over 21, end the environmental damage to our public lands from illicit crops, and improve public safety by redirecting law enforcement efforts to more serious crimes," Ammiano said.

But why stop there?

Marijuana is a %100 useable non-waste crop with multiple uses, and it's cheap and easy to grow. Cannabis and hemp could be use to bring industry and wealth back to the United States as argued in last years documentary "WeedGeist" Continue Reading....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pro marijuana advertisements running in Colorado

 The logical debate for pro marijuana use and anti-alcohol use has taken its next step in educating the public. In the state of Colorado a series pro marijuana advertisements have started running promoting the safer alternative in recreational use of substances.

The state has already legalized medical use of marijuana for patients looking for less harmful alternatives to damaging prescription medications. But now Colorado residents will have a chance to take their vote to the next level, this November a bill is on the ballot to legalize marijuana for all purposes. This law will allow marijuana to be taxed and regulated like tobacco and alcohol, which in return saves the state money in prohibition enforcement and gain even more money in taxes.

Four other states including Washington has passed similar props for vote in their November ballots this year, however Colorado is leading the way with this new TV ad campaign. The advertisements site the dangers of alcohol, dangers that marijuana use does not have, and state dollars and economy will be planned sited issues as well.

This Mothers day marked the first spot for the ads encouraging young adults to let their parents know that they prefer pot over alcohol and harsh substances. The campaign hopes to draw logical attention and public research of cannabis and cannabis products ending the harmful "Reefer Madness" out look that has crippled us from using the plant to its full needed potential.

Make sure to show your support and pass on the importance of registering to vote.

Pro marijuana advertisements running in Colorado - Phoenix Cannabis Culture | Examiner.com

Monday, May 7, 2012

300 economists agree, marijuana legalization could save U.S. billions

 More then 300 economists signed a petition declaring the legalization of marijuana could save the government over $13 billion a year, and that's just the start.

The current state of the economy has put millions out of work, and has led to close evaluation of government spending. The the federal deficit is over $1.5 trillion and our country is practically owned by China, Japan, UK and religion. Now the people are speaking up about "common sense" governing, better spending and ridding Washington of corrupt money hording career politicians. Now economists believe they've found a way to make a large step towards repairing our country.

Over 300 economists, including well known experienced forecasters and nobel laureates, have signed a petition siting the findings by Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron. Miron reports that if the government legalized marijuana to be regulated like alcohol and tobacco, the U.S. can save over $7.7 billion a year from not having to enforce prohibition.

Miron as noted that the federal government would save and additional $6 billion a year for taxing marijuana like alcohol and tobacco. The group wants it to be understood that they are not calling for the legalization of marijuana, they are only reporting and backing the facts.

Saving over $13 billion a year would be the first stepping stone of saving the country hundreds of billions, we could start farming hemp again. Hemp is cheap, easy to grow, and very durable. The U.S could make rope for the military, clothe all military, police and blue collar employees, save money in government assisted health care and much, much more for simply legalizing hemp and marijuana.

$13 billion may not be that much considering the $1.5 trillion we owe, but it opens up the possibility off looking for solutions outside of the box, while creating a more free and logical world.

300 economists agree, marijuana legalization could save U.S. billions - Phoenix Cannabis Culture | Examiner.com

Ohio maybe next to vote on legalized marijuana

 A few states including Washington and Colorado are going to be voting on legalizing marijuana for all uses. Now other states are working on their version of the bill to be voted on in an upcoming election.
The Ohio Chapter of NORML is pushing to change the law in Ohio, they want marijuana legalized already.

NORML is asking for full recreational and medical use of marijuana, and in addition save the state money by taxing it like alcohol and tobacco. President of Ohio NORML, Cher Neufer says it would work just like alcohol laws, you could buy it within the time allowed for alcohol if over 21, and you can grow it for personal use, but you can't sell it. 

The group assembled in downtown Cleveland Saturday to voice change in marijuana laws, and to gather signatures for the petition. They joined forces with another group working to get signatures for a medical marijuana program to give suffering patients a safer a more effective alternative. They need 385,000 signatures by July 4th in order to get the medical marijuana bill on the November ballot.

Both groups are gaining momentum to bring common sense laws about marijuana to Ohio, and the 4th of July is coming up fast. Be sure to show your support and help make the deadline.

Ohio maybe next to vote on legalized marijuana - Phoenix Cannabis Culture | Examiner.com

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meth lab explodes in man's pants

Okmulgee County, Ok- A man tried to escape police custody on foot when a portable meth lab explodes in his pants taking him down.

It's common now-a-days for some street dealers and addicts to carry on they're person a portable methamphetamine lab used for cooking smaller batches of the illegal drug.  The small pocket lab is also known as a one-pot lab, their used for cooking on the go, a type of "Survival Kit" for users.

Local police are used to finding these portable meth labs, that's why one Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper wasn't very surprised when his "Perp" had an explosion in his pants. State trooper Shiloh Hall stopped a man for questioning last week when he got a smell he was all to familiar with. Hall then asked the man about a chemical Oder coming from his person, that's when he tried to escape Hall on foot.

The man didn't get very far, the portable methamphetamine lab in his pants exploded while struggling with the state trooper. Trooper Shiloh Hall says the man was taken to be checked by emergency personnel, then booked in to Okmulgee County jail for drug charges and resisting.