Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Walmart of Weed" opens just blocks from White House

Despite the ridiculous crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries and growers, the famous medical marijuana garden supply store, weGrow, opens it's doors to customers just blocks away from from the White House.

It's dubbed the "Walmart of Weed", and like other specialty stores, weGrow focuses on getting the best products at the best prices for their customers. They specialize in plant food, vitamins, grow lamps, hydro watering systems and more for medical marijuana growers. Their goal is to prove that medical marijuana is a legitimate and necessary industry which provides a needed service.

"The more that businesses start to push the envelope by showing that this is a legitimate industry, the further we're going to be able to go in changing people's minds," said weGrow founder and owner Dhar Mann."Regardless of how rigorously they want to enforce intervention, it's not going to stop the industry,"

The District of Columbia location is weGrow's first opening on the east-side, it's location just blocks away from the White House and Federal buildings is ironically humorous given the feds stance on medical marijuana. With a company growing some clout in business (expected to reach $9 billion within the next five years), the federal government maybe forced to see the value this industry has for this country.

But for the time being, our federal government (whom works for us), still continue to fight against the 50% of Americans who want marijuana legalized, and the 70% of Americans who support medical use of marijuana according to a 2011 Gallup poll. With figures like that and billions brought in every year from industry, the Feds won't be able to ignore the benefits forever.

Be sure to visit your local weGrow store for your garden needs.

Alex Webb