Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Marijuana university raided by federal agents

Oakland, Ca- Federal agents raid Oaksterdam University Monday. U.S. marshals blocked the doors to the medical marijuana college and cordoned of the area with yellow tape.

Federal agents served a search warrant giving them permission to enter the property of Oaksterdam University which was founded by Richard Lee. Lee was also the owner of a local dispensary which had also been raided and shut down, he was also a backer of a bill to legalize recreational use in California back 2010, but the bill never made the ballot.

Lee's involvement in his crusades for marijuana has obviously made him a target for silence by the federal governments wasteful "War on Drugs". After loosing a business and facing possible charges, his medical marijuana growing training school Oaksterdam is raided this Monday against his rights which are protected by state law.

Protesters stood out the medical marijuana training school and watched as U.S. Drug Enforcement loaded Trash Bags and growing supplies into a police van. Agents ignored protesters as demanded states rights and held up signs promoting the end to federal crackdowns on medical marijuana.

For years cities like Oakland has allowed medical marijuana dispensaries to legally operate under city ordinances, and recently Oakland was approved for more dispensaries to open up. Medical Marijuana businesses have created jobs and promoted more money for the state. But recent actions of federal agents are causing more damage then acting against the rights of the people, their actions are harming economy, small business and money for the state.

In addition to unlawfully shutting down small businesses, federal prosecutors have threatened to seize the property of landlords who rent to medical marijuana retailers, and have brought charges against employees who work at these locations.

No information on whether charges have been filed in Monday's raid, and no comments have been made by Richard Lee.

Alex Webb