Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cancer patient faces eviction for medical marijuana

 Elk Rapids, Michigan- A 52-year-old cancer patient is facing becoming homeless after receiving an eviction notice for her use of much needed medical marijuana, and this isn't the first time.

52-year-old Lori Montroy is a medically approved marijuana patient due a fatal brain tumor called bioblastoma multiform. The medical marijuana she uses subsides and suppresses the horrible symptoms associated with the cancerous tumor. Recent medical tests and MRI's have even shown massive reduction in her tumor, and Montroy believes the medical marijuana she uses played a major role in this progress (Recent medical studies also show marijuana suppresses and even reverses cancer growth).

As if fighting for her life wasn't enough, Montroy has been in an on and off battle with her Elk Rapids apartment complex to keep a roof over her head, one that she now seems to be losing.

Lori Montroy is on a fixed income and unable to work due to her medical condition, she is also on federally subsidized living. In 2009 her complex attempted to evict her for using "Illegal Drugs" in her apartment which against policy, but she wasn't using drugs illegally, she was legally using her state approved medical marijuana for treatment as directed by her doctor. After Montroy brought proof of her legal right to possess marijuana, the complex still continued with the eviction process, that is until a storm of bad publicity and a plea from attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union which forced them to call off the eviction.

Montroy felt she was in the clear and continued to focus on her illness and treatment, but she's facing eviction yet again for following doctors orders. The complex where Montroy lives was sold and under new management, they have served Montroy with a new eviction notice and new landlord Steve Wright says, there's nothing that will stop this eviction from happening.

Wright says it's the policy of his company, Prime Properties Management, LLC, that no marijuana use illegal or medically legal will be tolerated, the "Rules are the Rules". He says he has evicted several medical marijuana patients over the past two years with zero controversy, and Montroy will be no exception. "If I start making special rules for her, I'd have to make special rules for everyone," Wright said, "Federal law trumps state law, It's still a violation of federal law if you have drugs in your apartment. If I make an exception now, I have no policy."

"It's just draining the life out of me, these people," Montroy said. "Why can't they just leave me be?"

There is no question here that Montroy is a victim of discrimination, and her civil rights were completely disregarded. It was irresponsible for the state to have not implemented a law to protect patients from this sort of debacle, but then again you'd think fair housing and the disability act would protect her, but it appears it's just that type of world. As for Mr. Steve Wright who is also a Lawyer, it seems he failed to realize that "Federal law" Does Not trump state law, and that is a violation of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and America. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves for that statement.

Alex Webb

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