Monday, April 30, 2012

Arizona to discuss marijuana for depression, PTSD

Phoenix, Arizona- State petitions requesting the addition of conditions such as depression and anxiety to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, are up for decision this summer. If the new proposal is approved, Arizona will be the first state to have extended mental health approved medical marijuana patients.

Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, Will Humble posted an announcement earlier this month stating a hearing will be held to make a decision to add new conditions for medical approved marijuana. The petitions are requesting four additional medical conditions be added to the state Marijuana Act, depression, anxiety disorder, migraines and post-traumatic stress disorder, as listed in Humble's blog.

“The voter approved language in the AZ Medical Marijuana Act directs us to periodically accept and evaluate petitions to add new debilitating medical conditions. We’ve made it through the first phase of considering whether to add four new conditions,” Humble posted.

The department is planning careful evaluation of the effect medical marijuana and the medical conditions petitioned. Humble posted that before reaching a final decision, his department will consult the highest levels of the medical community. DHS has 180 days to review the petitions and reach a decision on the application.

Currently California is the only state permitting patients to medical marijuana for migraines. Delaware and New Mexico permit medical marijuana for post-traumatic stress disorder. If DHS approves the application, Arizona will be the only state out of 16 that has permitted all four of the listed medical conditions.

Arizona Department of Health Services is having a public hearing on this matter on May 25 at 1:00 pm, It will be held at the State Lab, located at 250 N. 17th Avenue in Phoenix.

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Alex Webb