Monday, March 19, 2012

Father rats out son's marijuana grow to police

If your a curious high school student with very conservative parents, then growing marijuana in your bedroom probably isn't a good idea. A Clarksville teen learns that the hard way, when he is arrested after his father discovers marijuana plants growing in his bedroom.

The Leaf Chronicle reports, the father discovered the marijuana after a power outage in their home in St. Bethlehem. After noticing the breaker was tripped, he began to track down the source of the problem, that's when he found 6 small marijuana plants growing in cups under a heat lamp behind a chair in his 17-year-old's room.
The homeowner then contacted the 17-year-old's juvenile court officer and then reported him to the police. The marijuana plants and grow equipment were confiscated, and the teen was removed from school and taken to juvenile court where he will be charged.

Clearly the father was right in being disappointed, his child was experimenting with substances and was manufacturing it in his home. But is this really an offense to turn him in to police and to the court to process him as a criminal? Experimenting with substances at such an impressionable age is bad and destructive, but an outrageous drug related criminal record, large fines and possible jail time is far more damaging on someone, especially when their a victim of being at a curious, hormone driven and self finding age.

Marijuana use among teens is a family and a society issue, not a court or law issue. We need to have more faith in ourselves and find a more productive, educational, social benefiting, responsible and caring way to deal with the issue of drugs and our children. Tossing them jail and giving them criminal records that haunt their future only creates more criminals, and damages the futures of those who could have been very valuable to society.

The outrageous myths and laws regarding marijuana has lead to numerous arrests, criminal activity, unnecessary fear, broken families and even turning in loved ones to the police. How long are these myths over a harmless plant going to destroy us?

The extreme action against this teen, just shows us that even the adults in our society, need to finish growing up.