Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Woman arrested for selling marijuana to junior high school students

Cottonwood Heights Police arrested a Sandy woman this past weekend for possession of a controlled substance while serving a warrant. 34-year-old Lea Clausing and her husband was under investigation after police were tipped about the couple selling marijuana to junior high and high school students from their home at 2665 Partridge Way in Sandy, UT.

Swat and police from both Sandy and Cottonwood Heights appeared to serve a warrant just after midnight Friday night, waking neighbors as they announced their presence over a loud speaker and busting in the couples front door. Once inside they found an unknown controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, but no marijuana. Police arrested Lea Clausing for her role in the investigation and possession of a controlled substance, her husband wasn't arrested at this time due to no connection with the allegations of distributing marijuana.

"We received information there was a couple, a husband and wife dealing marijuana to junior high school and high school kids," Cottonwood Heights Police Sgt. Gary Young said, "Investigators are meeting with prosecutors to discuss possible charges against the husband."

Neighbors aren't surprised about the news, and some are even happy to see Clausing go suspecting the couple was up to something illegal. Neighbor Catherine Ross said "It's kind of Grand Central Station there," she said. "People are always coming and going and it's rarely the same people."

Sgt. Young stated that because Clausing's home is within 1,000 feet of a school, any potential charges that are filed would be enhanced. "It is disturbing that in our community, people sell drugs to children," he added.

Some might wonder if our kids would be better protected from substances such as marijuana if it was legal, much like alcohol, marijuana can be regulated by taking the substance out of criminal hands, and in the possession of trained responsible hands. Sure children still get their hands on alcohol on occasion, but can you imagine how much more alcohol would be in our schools if it was still illegal? The best way to keep our children safe from substances is to control and regulate them, banning substances only gives control to criminals, and criminals don't check IDs, they only take money no matter who is at risk.