Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Phoenix man gets 6 years prison for marijuana flight

PHOENIX, AZ - 49-year-old Luis Javier Rodriguez was sentenced to six years in federal prison for attempting to transport large amounts of marijuana from Chandler, Arizona to Clark County Indiana. His plan was to transport the marijuana by plane and distribute it in Indiana, so he hired two pilots to move it without their knowledge.

Authorities say Rodriguez thought he had a clever plan when he hired two private pilots to transport "time sensitive documents and certificates" for his construction business to Clark County. But what he didn't tell them was they were actually transporting 140 kilograms of marijuana.

Rodriguez delivered the documents (marijuana) directly to the plane himself in eight cardboard boxes and one duffel bag, not thinking much about it, the pilots helped him load the pot and flew it to the airport in Indiana. Once there they were met by Federal agents who then seized the marijuana.

Luis Javier Rodriguez was found guilty of possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute in October, and was sentenced to 70 months in prison on Friday. The pilots were not charged with any crime.

Phoenix man gets 6 years prison for marijuana flight - Phoenix Cannabis Culture | Examiner.com