Thursday, February 16, 2012

Obama continues his fight against medical marijuana in Delaware

Despite the will of the people and states rights, Obama with the help of the federal government continue to illegally dispute and act against legal medical marijuana. In California and Colorado alone, we have seen the raiding and closer of hundreds of legal businesses for dispensing medical marijuana to patients who desperately need their medication. But they could care less for these people in need, they only care about the top dollar they make from keeping it illegal and keeping American citizens behind bars. Now Obama has begun threatening states that vote for legalizing medical marijuana for patients in need, and against the constitution if necessary.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell has recently halted plans to implement legislation passed in 2011 that allows qualified patients to obtain marijuana from state-licensed facilities. He signed the bill into law last May to allow qualifying patients to possess up to six ounces of cannabis with a doctors approved prescription and a medically approved medical marijuana card similar to other states.

Markell announced he was suspending the program after his office received a letter from the Obama Justice Department stating that state licensed distributors, state workers as well as public servants involved with dispensing medical cannabis will be subject to federal criminal prosecution. In a statement issued by Markell on Friday, he claimed he was given no choice but to suspend the law due to threats from the federal government, stating, “To do otherwise would put our state employees in legal jeopardy, and I will not do that,” he said.

The letter authored by US Attorney Charles M. Oberly III (as posted by Normal) read, “Growing, distributing and possessing marijuana, in any capacity, other than as part of a federally authorized research program, is a violation of federal law regardless of state laws permitting such activities. Moreover, those who engage in financial transactions involving the proceeds of such activities may also be in violation of federal money laundering statutes.”

Other states lawmakers with similar laws and voter backed legislation have also started to receive these letters warning them of repercussions for allowing medical marijuana. Both Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire and Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee have begun to take action to comply with federal restrictions against medical marijuana and those whom support and voted for it. Medical Marijuana supporters, associations and organizations are working on responses to these letters.

Obama continues his fight against medical marijuana in Delaware - Phoenix Cannabis Culture