Sunday, February 5, 2012

Man killed by police for marijuana

Bronx, New York- An 18-year-old Bronx was shot in chest by police Thursday over a marijuana cigarette (Joint) he had in his possession. Now the family and their Bronx community of neighbors are angry with how police handled the situation, and they want some answers.

18-year-old Ramarley Graham ran from police afraid after officer Richard Haste charged at him. Graham fled to the safest place he knew, his grandmothers house and that is were she saw her grandson for the last time.

Police kicked in the door of 58-year-old Patricia Hartley (Graham's grandmother) and rushed in looking for Graham with guns drawn. Before Hartley even knew what was happening she heard Haste yell "Gun" right before witnessing her grandson taking a shot to the chest. But police didn't find a gun at all, only a small amount of marijuana that Graham was attempting to flush down the toilet.

Shocked and in instant moaning, Patricia Hartley was taken in by police for questioning as her grandson fought for his life. Graham then died in the hospital as his grandmother was being questioned.

It is yet to be known why Ramarley was targeted by narcotics officers in the first place, and what led to the chase. But was is clear, is that Ramarley Graham did not have a gun on his person, or anything that even resembled a weapon. The community near 229th Street who known Graham are shocked and question the actions taken by officer Richard Haste calling it "excessive" and a misuse of force, and they are speechless over the way police treated Patricia Hartley on the day of her grandson's death.

Neighbors and friends describes Graham as a selfless neighbor who makes coffee runs for neighbors and family every morning, and plays football with neighborhood kids. One neighbor said Graham often told neighborhood kids to stay clear of drugs and gangs.

The incident is under investigation, and there is no word on any actions against the officers involved as of yet. It's not clear what Graham's major "Crime" other then running was, but he paid unfair price.