Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Man caught on camera molesting a dog

A superintendent of the Rye Colony apartment complex in Rye, N.Y. was caught entering an apartment unauthorized, but he wasn't there to steal anything, he was there to molest the tenant's Labrador Retriever.

41-year-old Kujtim Nicaj was known for being hard working and very friendly, but tenants and other employees were shocked to hear just how friendly he was when he was arrested. Nicaj who also lived at the complex was arrested earlier this month for burglary and sexual misconduct, with a tenants dog.

The tenant, who doesn't want their name released, suspected that someone had been entering their home and also suspected her Labrador Retriever was being abused. The tenant then set up a webcam in hre home to see if her suspensions were true. What she saw was Nicaj sexually molesting the dog. The camera picks up Nicaj knocking on the door, when there was no answer he used his key to enter the unit, after checking around the apartment to make sure no one was home is when he sexually assaults the innocent animal.

"It's unbelievable," said Kris Lumaj, a fellow worker. "That's an animal, you know. He's got a wife and two kids, has no criminal record. I don't know anybody who'd say anything bad about him."

Kujtim Nicaj's lawyer Steven Davidson says his client denies the charges saying Nicaj said "It never Happened" despite the incriminating evidence that Rye police have in their possession. "Aside from being humiliated, he's worried about providing for his family. It's an amazingly difficult time for them right now. They would like nothing more than for this whole mess to go away."

The video tape was been handed over to police, and Nicaj is currently free on $100,000 bail. Kujtim Nicaj is due back in court on March 6, tenants have not seen him around since his arrest.