Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Legal Recreational Marijuana may become reality in 2012

Recently a bill to decriminalize and legalize marijuana for recreational use has made the ballot in Washington for voters to decide. The law would be a stepping stone for legalized marijuana in America for all, allowing the local Liquor Control Board the authority to license marijuana farms, tax and regulate cannabis like alcohol to persons over the age of 21, and it appears Washington is not alone in taking this historical leap.

For decades marijuana supporters have fought to get cannabis legalized, arguing that the substance in no more harmful then alcohol and tobacco siting the failed prohibition of alcohol. But despite their efforts, a large amount of voters were against the legalization of cannabis having a "Refer Madness" perception on it's users. But these out looks on marijuana are proven to be a thing of the past.

Since the late 90's states have fought and citizens have voted to have medical marijuana for suffering patients in several states outlining the medical benefits of cannabis for such patients as cancer suffers, chronic pain suffers, multiple sclerosis patients and more. Today 16 states including the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, and medical research is proving it's success. But despite states rights and the will of the people, the federal government fights against medical marijuana and illegally prosecute those who legally dispense and grow it for patients.

But the battle isn't so easy for our enemies in the fed, at every illegal dispensary raid they are out numbered by protesting groups openly voicing their desire for the federal agents to "get the heck out" of their state and allow the people to decide. After all states laws and rights our supposed to be protected under the constitution, but this does not stop the fed from fighting against the people. However they are quickly realizing that the supporters will and voice is not so easily silenced.

Marijuana is a huge hot topic for this years election making the topic a very real and serious issue for the first time. New polls have shown that over 50% of Americans not only support and want medical marijuana, but they want marijuana decriminalized and legal for recreational use and regulated like alcohol. Internet polls have also shown huge support for marijuana forcing the president of the United States to address the issue as support for cannabis out weighs those whom are against it. The people want marijuana and all of its uses legal now.

Washington's prop I-502 will allow voters to decide whether marijuana will be completely legal for citizens to use much like alcohol and tobacco is, and 502 is seeing huge support as supporters of the legalization referendum outnumbered opponents 48% to 45%. Petitioners collected over 355,000 signatures to get I-502 on the ballot, and recent polls show a majority of citizens in support of 502. But Washington state isn't walking this road alone.

Petitioners in Colorado have been collecting signatures for a similar bill, but they fell short about 3,000 signatures before the deadline. Fortunately lawmakers have given them a extra 15 days to collect the rest, and st the rate they were going it appears that they will meet the amount of signatures necessary to make the ballot. Other states are beginning to follow the lead and propose their own bills to legalize recreational marijuana including Michigan, California and Montana.

The 2012 election will be historical for marijuana, and is very important to have a high voter turn out this year. If you have not registered to vote, do so, and if you don't, then you have no right for your voice to be heard. We suggest everyone to get involved and urge people to start petitions in their states. The multiple uses of marijuana can very well bring life back to our dieing country and push a rich future for our children. Lets grow up, take control and make the United States the best country on the planet again.