Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jail time for Jedi attacker who went to the Dark-Side

There was once a time when the Jedi would serve and protect in the name of freedom, peace and honor. But our trusted Jedi knights are becoming few and far between as we continue to lose them to the dark-side. A rogue Jedi has attacked innocent customers at a Toys-R-Us store, the shocking incident has left some asking for "a new hope".

33-year-old rogue Jedi David Allen Canterbury viciously attacked shoppers at a Toys-R-Us with toy Lightsabers in Portland. Showing signs of a Sith rising, Canterbury duel welded the toy Star Wars Lightsabers and continued to hit customers with them while running down the aisles exhibiting his Jedi skills. But his vengeance wasn't over there.

After taking victims inside the store, Canterbury headed outside to face authorities. He left the store with the toy Light-Sabers and began taking swings at Portland police. But his attacking spree came to an end there when the valiant and brave Portland PD over powered him with their "force" and wrestled him to the ground. The force was used for evil that day in mid December, and now David Allen Canterbury will face jail time for beating his victims and attacking police with the trusted Jedi weapons.

Oregon judge Kenneth Walker gave a 45-day jail sentence to Canterbury, and ordered that he receive a mental health evaluation. He agreed stating he was already seeking mental health treatment, and then he apologized to his victims. We can only hope that his time spent doesn't trigger the Sith inside him.

A true Jedi Knight fights for good and has honor for always doing the right thing. They should never give in to fear or anger, for they always lead down the path of the dark-side. Canterbury's actions are a bad example and a threat to respected Jedi Knights. Be above the influence of the dark, and be a true guardian of light.

May the force be with you all.