Friday, February 3, 2012

AZ bill threatens medical marijuana college students

Warning Arizona college students, if you suffer from an illness and are prescribed medical marijuana, you may no longer have the right to receive an education. Despite the laws meant to protect those whom need treatments for aliments, AZ lawmakers want to prohibit students from receiving desired health care and an education at that same time.

Arizona state lawmakers passed a bill (HB 2349) to deny university, trade school and college students the right to use medical marijuana regardless of being a medically approved card holder. Not even a doctor's note, recommendation or physician approved prescription can protect an individual student from harsh legal punishment for possessing their legal medication (marijuana).

Rep. Amanda Reeve from Phoenix wrote the Legislation that makes possession on campus (public or private), in dorm rooms and any college or university owned property illegal. Student's who are also patients can be criminally prosecuted for their medical marijuana. HB 2349 affects patients at university's, private colleges, community colleges and public schools (which is what the law was originally meant to be for, to keep drugs out of public schools).

"Patients’ rights should be respected," stated Joe Yuhas (Arizona Medical Marijuana Association). "Whether they're a college student, senior, pain sufferer, cancer patient, all those facing whatever illness their doctor has recommended medical marijuana as part of their medical regiment."

Regardless of how patients and pro medical marijuana associations feel about the matter, the law still stands considering the federal governments stance on marijuana. Reeve said the problem with state approved medical marijuana use among students is federal regulations governing universities require that they forbid students from having illegal controlled substances. Federal government doesn't recognize legal medical marijuana, as far as it's concerned marijuana in an illegal controlled substance. Schools that do not comply with federal regulations lose federal funding and financial assistance.

The bill is already being publicly criticized by medical cannabis supporters statewide, and patients are furious. Pro medical marijuana organizations and associations are currently working on a response, we can be sure this isn't the last we'll hear about HB 2349 and this legislation.

There's always some sort of loop hole, or line in the sand to keep US citizens from experiencing true freedom. What is it "Really" that is so horrible marijuana? What is the one possible con point against this plant that makes it so awful that we need to ban it over alcohol and turn someone's life upside down with a record that falls them and holds them down for life? How can any person, lawmaker, politician, judge or police officer honestly justify scaring and raping the opportunity of a possible valuable asset to society over a plant that is only devalued by a law?

Prohibiting a student from possessing their medically prescribed medication is endangering their well-being, and any bill or law that supports it is illegal. Since before slavery our governments have convinced us to hate, taboo, frown on, prohibit and prosecute some type of person, life style or thing for some sort of ridiculous reason that honestly poses no real harm to society. Our rights are only have value if we exercise them, and our rights should never be taken for granted. When are we truly going to be sick of this nonsense? It's 2012, it's time for us to grow up.