Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Men with medical marijuana cards arrested and charged

Be careful medical marijuana card holders, detectives might sill have their sights on you. Two men in Rhode Island learned this the hard way when they were pulled over, and then arrested for possession, even after presenting their medical marijuana cards.

Shiloh Petrichko and John Nadolny (both 34), were under investigation by both Richmond and Hopkinton police after receiving a tip that the men were distributing marijuana illegally to non medical approved card holders. The investigation was headed by Hopkinton Police Det. Ryan Percival and Patrolman Keith Lambrechts, and after two weeks they felt it was time to make their move.

Officers pulled over Petrichko (driver) and Nadolny who were both medically approved marijuana card holders, and then made them subject to a car search for probable cause. They found almost 2 ounces of marijuana, the men presented their medical marijuana cards to the officers and Petrichko also presented a marijuana caretakers license. But police weren't having it.

Hopkinton police seized the mere 2 ounces despite the fact that it was within the legal limit between the two men, and then arrested Nadolny and Petrichko for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and conspiracy to deliver marijuana. But wait, it gets better.

With limited evidence and an illegal arrest for legal amounts of marijuana, Richmond and Hopkinton police got a court-authorized search warrant to search the their residence, while only having suspicion and the arrest for the legal 2 ounces. Police then confiscated 34 plants, 32 seedlings, 15 ounces of harvested marijuana and all of their growing equipment. All based on the alleged violation and the illegally seized 2 ounces of marijuana possessed by two legal card carriers.

A marijuana caretakers license allows Petrichko to possess up to 24 plants, 12 seedlings and 5 ounces of harvested marijuana, However with Nadolny's card, he is allowed his limit as well which puts them only a few ounces over the legal limit. The fact is, yes, the amount at the residence was an illegal amount (barely), but what is at question here is the means police took to search the residence.

The evidence at hand was not only not enough to warrant a search, but was an out right violation of Shiloh Petrichko's and John Nadolny's rights. It was investigated and suspected that the two men were dealing illegally, but based on the evidence they gathered, there was no proof. The men were arrested on a charge unrelated to them legally possessing medication, and yet police base the legal marijuana possession for charging them with intent to deliver.

Both Shiloh Petrichko and John Nadolny were charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, delivery and conspiracy to deliver marijuana. They were arraigned then released, and are awaiting court in April. Meanwhile sick individuals are passing out strawberry meth which looks like candy to our kids, and there are no leads.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Phoenix man gets 6 years prison for marijuana flight

PHOENIX, AZ - 49-year-old Luis Javier Rodriguez was sentenced to six years in federal prison for attempting to transport large amounts of marijuana from Chandler, Arizona to Clark County Indiana. His plan was to transport the marijuana by plane and distribute it in Indiana, so he hired two pilots to move it without their knowledge.

Authorities say Rodriguez thought he had a clever plan when he hired two private pilots to transport "time sensitive documents and certificates" for his construction business to Clark County. But what he didn't tell them was they were actually transporting 140 kilograms of marijuana.

Rodriguez delivered the documents (marijuana) directly to the plane himself in eight cardboard boxes and one duffel bag, not thinking much about it, the pilots helped him load the pot and flew it to the airport in Indiana. Once there they were met by Federal agents who then seized the marijuana.

Luis Javier Rodriguez was found guilty of possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute in October, and was sentenced to 70 months in prison on Friday. The pilots were not charged with any crime.

Phoenix man gets 6 years prison for marijuana flight - Phoenix Cannabis Culture |

Man caught on camera molesting a dog

A superintendent of the Rye Colony apartment complex in Rye, N.Y. was caught entering an apartment unauthorized, but he wasn't there to steal anything, he was there to molest the tenant's Labrador Retriever.

41-year-old Kujtim Nicaj was known for being hard working and very friendly, but tenants and other employees were shocked to hear just how friendly he was when he was arrested. Nicaj who also lived at the complex was arrested earlier this month for burglary and sexual misconduct, with a tenants dog.

The tenant, who doesn't want their name released, suspected that someone had been entering their home and also suspected her Labrador Retriever was being abused. The tenant then set up a webcam in hre home to see if her suspensions were true. What she saw was Nicaj sexually molesting the dog. The camera picks up Nicaj knocking on the door, when there was no answer he used his key to enter the unit, after checking around the apartment to make sure no one was home is when he sexually assaults the innocent animal.

"It's unbelievable," said Kris Lumaj, a fellow worker. "That's an animal, you know. He's got a wife and two kids, has no criminal record. I don't know anybody who'd say anything bad about him."

Kujtim Nicaj's lawyer Steven Davidson says his client denies the charges saying Nicaj said "It never Happened" despite the incriminating evidence that Rye police have in their possession. "Aside from being humiliated, he's worried about providing for his family. It's an amazingly difficult time for them right now. They would like nothing more than for this whole mess to go away."

The video tape was been handed over to police, and Nicaj is currently free on $100,000 bail. Kujtim Nicaj is due back in court on March 6, tenants have not seen him around since his arrest.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Parents want to treat autism with medical marijuana

When some think about autism treatments they see thousands of dollars that is needed for high priced prescription treatments. These medications are known to be potentially harmful and have little effect on the symptoms, and worst, they are for the most part experimental. One couple from Oklahoma City wants to put an end to their child being used as a "test subject" and switch to something that is socially controversial but has had medical success in reversing the symptoms of autism, medical marijuana.

Catherine Mejias and her husband have tried everything when treating and caring for their son Deacon who has been diagnosed with autism. They began to notice at age 5 that Deacon (now 7) was not developing the skills and developmental mile stones that are normal for children his age. Deacon couldn't speak, had problems associating with other children, was unfocused and wouldn't respond often when spoken to. They feared the worse, and sure enough, they were right.

Deacon became a handful and required round the clock supervision and treatment, and Deacon's new regiment wasn't cheap. In a time period of twelve mouths the Mejias have spent over $15,000 in medication for treatment alone, the results were futile. The Mejias concerns weren't about the money they spent, but rather over the limited to no results of these medications, further, most of the medications were experimental. "We have a journal where we've listed all the drugs he takes, they're not working and their pretty much just being tested on our children," said Deacon's father.

The Mejias says what Deacon needs they unable to get because it's illegal in their state, medical marijuana. Recent research from the past 10 years have shown how effective THC (the chemical found in marijuana) is when treating autism, in some cases even reversing severe symptoms. THC is the main psychoactive component of marijuana, primarily given to patients in a pill form. Doctors say it possesses pain relieving anti-inflammatory, nausea-preventing, euphoric effects as reported by KOCO Eyewitness News 5 who originally told the Mejias' story.

According to the Autism Research Institute, medical marijuana has shown a significant success in lessening symptoms such as aggression, anxiety, loss of appetite, panic attacks and dangerous behavior in some autistic children. One of these success stories is the case of Hester-Perez who says medical marijuana saved her son Joey's life. 10-year-old Joey had similar symptoms to Deacon and won't eat, he was literally wasting way into nothing and doctors were concerned for his life. Perez then made the decision to give Joey marijuana in his brownies, the results were shocking. Not only did Joey begin to eat and gain a healthy weight, but he also became more responsive and dangerous behavior was suppressed.

The Hester-Perez case gained attention a went national showing living proof of the positive effects medical marijuana has some autistic sufferers, and was even sited in the pro marijuana documentary "WeedGeist" which outlined other medical marijuana success stories. It was cases such as these researched by the Mejias family that gave them hope for a safer and cheaper alternative.

But despite the success of research regarding medical cannabis and autism, lawmakers won't consider touching the topic in the Mejias families state, and now they fear moving will be their only option in order to help their son.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Middle school student sues after strip search for marijuana

Our kids have new concerns now when facing a day at school, not just bullies, gangs, censorship, mindless order or teachers trying to sleep with them, but being forced to strip in front of other students as well. Apparently now in some schools, if one student simply points out a student and mentions marijuana, that student can be stripped searched in-front of their accusers, and the school doesn't care one bit for their individual rights.

A student at Eddie White Academy in Atlanta, Georgia claims that he was unlawfully strip searched after other students accused him of selling marijuana. The student known only as D.H. from court documents, stated that 3 of his classmates accused him of having marijuana to avoid punishment themselves. D.H. was then taken to the office of vice principal Tyrus McDowell and questioned in-front of his accusers.

Vice principal McDowell then, against his rights and the law, searched his backpack and his pockets finding no marijuana. His peers whom were present insisted he had pot, and Vice principal McDowell wasn't satisfied coming up empty handed and that's when he ordered the 7th grader to strip down. Embarrassed, D.H. requested to go do the strip search in the restroom to be more private, he didn't want to flash everyone his Superman underwear.

McDowell insisted again to strip down, so against his will, D.H. stripped down to his underwear to prove he had no marijuana, in-front of 3 other students and the schools resource officer. No marijuana was ever found, and now D.H,'s underwear has become part of open ridicule at school.

Attorney Gerry Weber is now representing D.H. stating that his clients rights were grossly violated siting a case in 2009 were a U.S. Supreme Court ruling found that school officials can't perform even a "partial strip search" of a student, even if they have probable cause. "This is like deja vu," Weber said, "It is simply beyond belief that students are still being stripped naked in the Clayton County schools." He also recounts a lawsuit from a decade back where the federal appeals court found strip searches of Clayton County students was unconstitutional because it violated their Fourth Amendment rights.

Weber has now filed a lawsuit against the Clayton County school district which also names the county's sheriff's department and Ricky Redding, the school's resource officer as defendants. "The strip searches were done intentionally, willfully, wantonly, maliciously, recklessly, sadistically, deliberately, with callous indifference to their consequences," according to the lawsuit.

Either McDowell or Redding will comment on the incident, and D.H. continues to fight ridicule from peers and has developed trust issues with staff.

Middle school student sues after strip search for marijuana - Phoenix Cannabis Culture |

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whitney Houston would still be alive If She just stuck to pot, says Tommy Chong

Whitney Houston's cause of death is still unknown, and there has yet to be a toxicology report, but some, even family and friends suspect that drugs may have been a factor. Authorities confirmed on Monday that she was submerged in a bathtub when she was first discovered on Saturday afternoon at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. An odd scene for a willing victim to just drown in that fashion, however there was nothing suggesting vowel play.

Houston is known for having a past with drugs, especially crack and cocaine which she openly admitted to using in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. In September of 2009 she told Oprah about how she would lace marijuana joints with cocaine for a heighten affect.

She told Oprah, "We were lacing our marijuana with base... you put it in your marijuana, you lace it, your roll it up and you smoke it."

"Your drug of choice was weed combined with cocaine?" asked Oprah.

"Cocaine, rock cocaine. Yes," Houston said.

Her constant struggles with cocaine and similar manufactured drugs was no secret, and most remember when her addition went public in the 90s siting her shared addiction with her husband Bobby Brown. Now some of those who knew the late singer suspect this weakness for hard drugs as a factor in her recent death. Recently on Access Hollywood, Tommy Chong from the famous comedy group "Cheech and Chong" made comment regarding Houston's drug use, and some are siding with his opinion.

"Had she just stuck to pot, she'd be alive today," Chong told Access Hollywood, "It's when you get into that other stuff... The trouble with that other stuff is that you forget you're high. You think you're taking a bath and you're not. You're under the water. It's a sad, sad thing."

It has yet to proven that drugs were a factor in her death, but friends like Chong wouldn't be surprised to find out it was. Ed Winter a L.A. County Assistant Chief Coroner told reporters they were doing routine toxicology tests. The results of the toxicology will influence the determination of the exact cause of Houston's death.

"It's a sad, sad thing. In a way, though, it was like she was saying goodbye," Chong added. "Like she was passing the torch onto Adele. It was a tough one to let go. It was like she came by and said, 'OK, I'm out of here.'."

Whitney Houston despite her bad decisions, will be missed.

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Whitney Houston would still be alive If She just stuck to pot, says Tommy Chong - Phoenix Cannabis Culture

Obama continues his fight against medical marijuana in Delaware

Despite the will of the people and states rights, Obama with the help of the federal government continue to illegally dispute and act against legal medical marijuana. In California and Colorado alone, we have seen the raiding and closer of hundreds of legal businesses for dispensing medical marijuana to patients who desperately need their medication. But they could care less for these people in need, they only care about the top dollar they make from keeping it illegal and keeping American citizens behind bars. Now Obama has begun threatening states that vote for legalizing medical marijuana for patients in need, and against the constitution if necessary.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell has recently halted plans to implement legislation passed in 2011 that allows qualified patients to obtain marijuana from state-licensed facilities. He signed the bill into law last May to allow qualifying patients to possess up to six ounces of cannabis with a doctors approved prescription and a medically approved medical marijuana card similar to other states.

Markell announced he was suspending the program after his office received a letter from the Obama Justice Department stating that state licensed distributors, state workers as well as public servants involved with dispensing medical cannabis will be subject to federal criminal prosecution. In a statement issued by Markell on Friday, he claimed he was given no choice but to suspend the law due to threats from the federal government, stating, “To do otherwise would put our state employees in legal jeopardy, and I will not do that,” he said.

The letter authored by US Attorney Charles M. Oberly III (as posted by Normal) read, “Growing, distributing and possessing marijuana, in any capacity, other than as part of a federally authorized research program, is a violation of federal law regardless of state laws permitting such activities. Moreover, those who engage in financial transactions involving the proceeds of such activities may also be in violation of federal money laundering statutes.”

Other states lawmakers with similar laws and voter backed legislation have also started to receive these letters warning them of repercussions for allowing medical marijuana. Both Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire and Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee have begun to take action to comply with federal restrictions against medical marijuana and those whom support and voted for it. Medical Marijuana supporters, associations and organizations are working on responses to these letters.

Obama continues his fight against medical marijuana in Delaware - Phoenix Cannabis Culture

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Six years in prison for medical marijuana grower

It sometimes always seems the things your good at, you don't want to do, and the things you want to, your no good at. It's a hard lesson to learn, but for most that is the reality of it no matter hard we try. One Colorado medical marijuana grower learned this lesson the hard way and now he's headed for prison.

29-year-old Ryan Bailey left his job in Chicago as mortgage broker and moved to Colorado to grow marijuana for licensed marijuana dispensaries. One of his customers being his wife who operated a licensed marijuana dispensary in Denver. It was a good honest plan, until Bailey allegedly used his situation for criminal activities.

Ryan Bailey was arrested last year for illegally growing several hundred marijuana plants in a warehouse outside of Denver. This while still awaiting trail for an arrest where he was busted growing 30 illegal cannabis plants just months prior. Bailey's grow operations were illegally founded and were not operating with-in the law police say.

Bailey was also arrested in 2010 in Chicago during a raid were he was found holding a large bag of marijuana. Apparently Bailey allegedly mailed a shipment of 42 pounds of packaged marijuana worth more than $300,000 to a home in Chicago on the 5100 block of North La Crosse. The box was shipped through the United Parcel Service and was delivered by an undercover police officer. Chicago Police say that once they entered the home, Bailey was sitting near the box holding a large package of marijuana. He told police he just in flew in from Colorado that morning.

It is believed that Ryan Bailey is involved in a criminal grey area medical marijuana ring that traffics high grade marijuana between California, Colorado and Chicago. It's unofficially known as a “green rush”, where investors buy in low and move the cannabis to make a fortune in the medical marijuana industry.

Bailey told newspaper Sun-Times “Some people in the industry have gotten lucky. Other guys like me have gotten caught in the system.” This not only cheats the system, but spits in the face of everything the medical marijuana movement has accomplished.

At a trial before Cook County Judge Lawrence Flood, Bailey was accused of being the ringleader of the operation of shipping the 42 pounds of marijuana. He was sentenced last week to six years in prison, and is currently being held in Stateville Correctional Center. His attorney Richard Beuke said police didn't have enough evidence to link him to the crime stating, “He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Apparently Bailey wasn't cut out for the criminal life, and he obviously wasn't very good at it. He should have just stuck things out as a mortgage broker.

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Six years in prison for medical marijuana grower - Phoenix Cannabis Culture

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Legal Recreational Marijuana may become reality in 2012

Recently a bill to decriminalize and legalize marijuana for recreational use has made the ballot in Washington for voters to decide. The law would be a stepping stone for legalized marijuana in America for all, allowing the local Liquor Control Board the authority to license marijuana farms, tax and regulate cannabis like alcohol to persons over the age of 21, and it appears Washington is not alone in taking this historical leap.

For decades marijuana supporters have fought to get cannabis legalized, arguing that the substance in no more harmful then alcohol and tobacco siting the failed prohibition of alcohol. But despite their efforts, a large amount of voters were against the legalization of cannabis having a "Refer Madness" perception on it's users. But these out looks on marijuana are proven to be a thing of the past.

Since the late 90's states have fought and citizens have voted to have medical marijuana for suffering patients in several states outlining the medical benefits of cannabis for such patients as cancer suffers, chronic pain suffers, multiple sclerosis patients and more. Today 16 states including the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, and medical research is proving it's success. But despite states rights and the will of the people, the federal government fights against medical marijuana and illegally prosecute those who legally dispense and grow it for patients.

But the battle isn't so easy for our enemies in the fed, at every illegal dispensary raid they are out numbered by protesting groups openly voicing their desire for the federal agents to "get the heck out" of their state and allow the people to decide. After all states laws and rights our supposed to be protected under the constitution, but this does not stop the fed from fighting against the people. However they are quickly realizing that the supporters will and voice is not so easily silenced.

Marijuana is a huge hot topic for this years election making the topic a very real and serious issue for the first time. New polls have shown that over 50% of Americans not only support and want medical marijuana, but they want marijuana decriminalized and legal for recreational use and regulated like alcohol. Internet polls have also shown huge support for marijuana forcing the president of the United States to address the issue as support for cannabis out weighs those whom are against it. The people want marijuana and all of its uses legal now.

Washington's prop I-502 will allow voters to decide whether marijuana will be completely legal for citizens to use much like alcohol and tobacco is, and 502 is seeing huge support as supporters of the legalization referendum outnumbered opponents 48% to 45%. Petitioners collected over 355,000 signatures to get I-502 on the ballot, and recent polls show a majority of citizens in support of 502. But Washington state isn't walking this road alone.

Petitioners in Colorado have been collecting signatures for a similar bill, but they fell short about 3,000 signatures before the deadline. Fortunately lawmakers have given them a extra 15 days to collect the rest, and st the rate they were going it appears that they will meet the amount of signatures necessary to make the ballot. Other states are beginning to follow the lead and propose their own bills to legalize recreational marijuana including Michigan, California and Montana.

The 2012 election will be historical for marijuana, and is very important to have a high voter turn out this year. If you have not registered to vote, do so, and if you don't, then you have no right for your voice to be heard. We suggest everyone to get involved and urge people to start petitions in their states. The multiple uses of marijuana can very well bring life back to our dieing country and push a rich future for our children. Lets grow up, take control and make the United States the best country on the planet again.

Woman arrested for selling marijuana to junior high school students

Cottonwood Heights Police arrested a Sandy woman this past weekend for possession of a controlled substance while serving a warrant. 34-year-old Lea Clausing and her husband was under investigation after police were tipped about the couple selling marijuana to junior high and high school students from their home at 2665 Partridge Way in Sandy, UT.

Swat and police from both Sandy and Cottonwood Heights appeared to serve a warrant just after midnight Friday night, waking neighbors as they announced their presence over a loud speaker and busting in the couples front door. Once inside they found an unknown controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, but no marijuana. Police arrested Lea Clausing for her role in the investigation and possession of a controlled substance, her husband wasn't arrested at this time due to no connection with the allegations of distributing marijuana.

"We received information there was a couple, a husband and wife dealing marijuana to junior high school and high school kids," Cottonwood Heights Police Sgt. Gary Young said, "Investigators are meeting with prosecutors to discuss possible charges against the husband."

Neighbors aren't surprised about the news, and some are even happy to see Clausing go suspecting the couple was up to something illegal. Neighbor Catherine Ross said "It's kind of Grand Central Station there," she said. "People are always coming and going and it's rarely the same people."

Sgt. Young stated that because Clausing's home is within 1,000 feet of a school, any potential charges that are filed would be enhanced. "It is disturbing that in our community, people sell drugs to children," he added.

Some might wonder if our kids would be better protected from substances such as marijuana if it was legal, much like alcohol, marijuana can be regulated by taking the substance out of criminal hands, and in the possession of trained responsible hands. Sure children still get their hands on alcohol on occasion, but can you imagine how much more alcohol would be in our schools if it was still illegal? The best way to keep our children safe from substances is to control and regulate them, banning substances only gives control to criminals, and criminals don't check IDs, they only take money no matter who is at risk.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Man killed by police for marijuana

Bronx, New York- An 18-year-old Bronx was shot in chest by police Thursday over a marijuana cigarette (Joint) he had in his possession. Now the family and their Bronx community of neighbors are angry with how police handled the situation, and they want some answers.

18-year-old Ramarley Graham ran from police afraid after officer Richard Haste charged at him. Graham fled to the safest place he knew, his grandmothers house and that is were she saw her grandson for the last time.

Police kicked in the door of 58-year-old Patricia Hartley (Graham's grandmother) and rushed in looking for Graham with guns drawn. Before Hartley even knew what was happening she heard Haste yell "Gun" right before witnessing her grandson taking a shot to the chest. But police didn't find a gun at all, only a small amount of marijuana that Graham was attempting to flush down the toilet.

Shocked and in instant moaning, Patricia Hartley was taken in by police for questioning as her grandson fought for his life. Graham then died in the hospital as his grandmother was being questioned.

It is yet to be known why Ramarley was targeted by narcotics officers in the first place, and what led to the chase. But was is clear, is that Ramarley Graham did not have a gun on his person, or anything that even resembled a weapon. The community near 229th Street who known Graham are shocked and question the actions taken by officer Richard Haste calling it "excessive" and a misuse of force, and they are speechless over the way police treated Patricia Hartley on the day of her grandson's death.

Neighbors and friends describes Graham as a selfless neighbor who makes coffee runs for neighbors and family every morning, and plays football with neighborhood kids. One neighbor said Graham often told neighborhood kids to stay clear of drugs and gangs.

The incident is under investigation, and there is no word on any actions against the officers involved as of yet. It's not clear what Graham's major "Crime" other then running was, but he paid unfair price.

Friday, February 3, 2012

AZ bill threatens medical marijuana college students

Warning Arizona college students, if you suffer from an illness and are prescribed medical marijuana, you may no longer have the right to receive an education. Despite the laws meant to protect those whom need treatments for aliments, AZ lawmakers want to prohibit students from receiving desired health care and an education at that same time.

Arizona state lawmakers passed a bill (HB 2349) to deny university, trade school and college students the right to use medical marijuana regardless of being a medically approved card holder. Not even a doctor's note, recommendation or physician approved prescription can protect an individual student from harsh legal punishment for possessing their legal medication (marijuana).

Rep. Amanda Reeve from Phoenix wrote the Legislation that makes possession on campus (public or private), in dorm rooms and any college or university owned property illegal. Student's who are also patients can be criminally prosecuted for their medical marijuana. HB 2349 affects patients at university's, private colleges, community colleges and public schools (which is what the law was originally meant to be for, to keep drugs out of public schools).

"Patients’ rights should be respected," stated Joe Yuhas (Arizona Medical Marijuana Association). "Whether they're a college student, senior, pain sufferer, cancer patient, all those facing whatever illness their doctor has recommended medical marijuana as part of their medical regiment."

Regardless of how patients and pro medical marijuana associations feel about the matter, the law still stands considering the federal governments stance on marijuana. Reeve said the problem with state approved medical marijuana use among students is federal regulations governing universities require that they forbid students from having illegal controlled substances. Federal government doesn't recognize legal medical marijuana, as far as it's concerned marijuana in an illegal controlled substance. Schools that do not comply with federal regulations lose federal funding and financial assistance.

The bill is already being publicly criticized by medical cannabis supporters statewide, and patients are furious. Pro medical marijuana organizations and associations are currently working on a response, we can be sure this isn't the last we'll hear about HB 2349 and this legislation.

There's always some sort of loop hole, or line in the sand to keep US citizens from experiencing true freedom. What is it "Really" that is so horrible marijuana? What is the one possible con point against this plant that makes it so awful that we need to ban it over alcohol and turn someone's life upside down with a record that falls them and holds them down for life? How can any person, lawmaker, politician, judge or police officer honestly justify scaring and raping the opportunity of a possible valuable asset to society over a plant that is only devalued by a law?

Prohibiting a student from possessing their medically prescribed medication is endangering their well-being, and any bill or law that supports it is illegal. Since before slavery our governments have convinced us to hate, taboo, frown on, prohibit and prosecute some type of person, life style or thing for some sort of ridiculous reason that honestly poses no real harm to society. Our rights are only have value if we exercise them, and our rights should never be taken for granted. When are we truly going to be sick of this nonsense? It's 2012, it's time for us to grow up.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A year in prison for medical marijuana worker

With in the past decade the definition of states rights have become very loose, and the federal government smirks at the constitution meant to protect such rights. As we unfortunately learned during the Civil War, if push comes to shove, the Fed can over power the state. Even if that goes against our most sacred of laws, our Bill of Rights.

Recently our federal government has been rubbing our noses in their power, like with the events during the "Occupy" movements, Homeland Security, the abusive Patriot Act, gun control acts and the in-our-faces fight against medical marijuana. Our low voter turnouts and lack of control over our government has created innocent civilian victims to the system, like unjustified prison time and records.

Tyler Roe was arrest back in March in Olney, Montana during a federal raid on a warehouse that housed several hundred medical marijuana plants. Roe lived on site with his roommate and co-worker Michael Kassner who was also arrested. The two were charged with conspiracy to manufacture marijuana despite the fact that they were working legally under state law.

The men worked worked for Black Pearl dispensary, and they cared for the medical marijuana at the Olney warehouse while awaiting new construction for the plants relocation. The warehouse held over 700 much needed medical marijuana plants for suffering patients. But now all that medication is in the hands of the federal government, and they have no plans of reimbursing anyone involved with this legal business.

With limited options, Roe pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana on Wednesday, and was sentenced to 1 year in a federal prison. Well if working inside the law didn't make him a harden criminal, prison certainly will. Roe's co-worker Michael Kassner has also pleaded guilty to federal charges, and the owner of Black Pearl dispensary, Ryan Blindheim has as well pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana and money laundering.

Columbia Encyclopedia: states' rights

"states' rights, in U.S. history, doctrine based on the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, which states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." The term embraces both the doctrine of absolute state sovereignty that was espoused by John C. Calhoun and that of the so-called strict constructionist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, which reserves to the state governments all powers not specifically granted by that document to the federal government. A states' rights controversy is probably inherent in the federal structure of the United States government."

Jail time for Jedi attacker who went to the Dark-Side

There was once a time when the Jedi would serve and protect in the name of freedom, peace and honor. But our trusted Jedi knights are becoming few and far between as we continue to lose them to the dark-side. A rogue Jedi has attacked innocent customers at a Toys-R-Us store, the shocking incident has left some asking for "a new hope".

33-year-old rogue Jedi David Allen Canterbury viciously attacked shoppers at a Toys-R-Us with toy Lightsabers in Portland. Showing signs of a Sith rising, Canterbury duel welded the toy Star Wars Lightsabers and continued to hit customers with them while running down the aisles exhibiting his Jedi skills. But his vengeance wasn't over there.

After taking victims inside the store, Canterbury headed outside to face authorities. He left the store with the toy Light-Sabers and began taking swings at Portland police. But his attacking spree came to an end there when the valiant and brave Portland PD over powered him with their "force" and wrestled him to the ground. The force was used for evil that day in mid December, and now David Allen Canterbury will face jail time for beating his victims and attacking police with the trusted Jedi weapons.

Oregon judge Kenneth Walker gave a 45-day jail sentence to Canterbury, and ordered that he receive a mental health evaluation. He agreed stating he was already seeking mental health treatment, and then he apologized to his victims. We can only hope that his time spent doesn't trigger the Sith inside him.

A true Jedi Knight fights for good and has honor for always doing the right thing. They should never give in to fear or anger, for they always lead down the path of the dark-side. Canterbury's actions are a bad example and a threat to respected Jedi Knights. Be above the influence of the dark, and be a true guardian of light.

May the force be with you all.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Police brutality in the form of animal abuse

As if the ever growing police brutality on human citizens, adult and child isn't enough, police nationwide have started killing pets left and right. Recently we've seen the videos of police raiding a mans house in the middle of the night, scaring young children, worrying a wife and killing the family pet over less then a gram of marijuana. In north Phoenix, police killed 3 dogs during a police raid on a house for what they believed was a backyard marijuana growing operation which turned out to be a vegetable and herb garden. Then on the east coast police kill a dog and cat during a raid on a young man's parents house after neighbors reported him for smoking a joint in his backyard.

But recently one of most horrific police action on an animal and just a plain disgusting display of animal cruelty period just took place here in our fabled land of the free. A DC Police officer was witnessed and photographed taking down a dog as if he were a criminal suspect. The "Monster" of an officer drove his knee into the middle of the dog's (Parrot was his name) back and stretched all four of his legs behind him causing agony and broken bones. The DC Police officer then lifted Parrot, hog tied, and brought him to the top of a concrete staircase, he then threw Parrot down twelve steps to the ground. The cop then drew his weapon and shot Parrot several times executing him.

At no time did Parrot try to attack, bite or play ruff house with the officer. Witnesses say that all Parrot did was bark at him "just being a dog." This murder of a fellow earthling was displayed in-front of several frighten (of the officer) witnesses. All were very disgusted with this vulgar display of power and questions are rising about the recent years of police behavior. If DC Police are willing to torture and murder a poor dog, then what are they willing to do to human citizens? This is considering the commonly linked behavior between animal cruelty and serial killers. Just what kind of individuals are our cities governments hiring anyway?

Everyday new videos are rising on the internet of police brutality and even murder on citizens. Seemingly the police nationwide are becoming just as if not a worse threat then gang activity. Citizens are more commonly becoming just as frighten of police as they are of street crime. If something isn't done soon, it is feared that we will suffer the same fate as the victims of the Holocaust, leaving some to believe that revolution is a must. Like Thomas Jefferson said, “Every generation needs a new revolution.”