Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Police urinated on me" claims Pennsylvania women - Phoenix Cannabis Culture |

Over the recent years we have been no stranger to chronic police brutality and misconduct. Since the 911 attacks in New York civilian rights seem to slowly go down the drain, and America is a rising symbol of a police state. The Patriot Act has opened the doors to stripping us of our Bill of Rights and unlawful attacks by police officers nationwide. The "Occupy" movement alone has exposed the common violent lengths police will go to in order to silence our right to free speech, and repercussion on law enforcement in the matter is limited and almost nonexistent. The number of recent videos uploaded online of police beating, murders and planting evidence is staggering. Now one women claims police officers urinated on her while in custody.

Derena Marie Madison was a passenger in her own car when police pulled the driver over for reckless driving. The driver was then taken into custody for driving drunk, and police ordered for the car to be towed. Madison was then arrested after protesting the impound of her car. The traffic stop was routine, but once at the station it was anything but.

Madison claims she was tortured and humiliated by Pittsburgh police while she was in custody stating that once she was at the Pittsburgh station she was pepper sprayed twice, then dragged out into the snow and doused with cold water. As if that wasn't enough, she was then urinated on by police officers.

After Madison files her complaint the state troopers' claim they had sovereign immunity for their actions. Federal judge Gary Lancaster will allow Madison to go forward with her lawsuit against the officers and he stated the troopers' claim of sovereign immunity doesn't apply in the case because the alleged misconduct is not within the scope of their sworn duties.

Dave Walther
News Flash 420