Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lawmaker Robert Watson to go court again for marijuana

As a lawmaker Rhode Island state Rep. Robert Watson of East Greenwich fought marijuana legalization and wrote laws with stiff penalties for possession of the plant. But Watson was subject to contradiction when he was busted for possession of marijuana, not once, but twice. Now Watson has discovered that neither side of the argument respects a "wolf in sheep's clothing".

Rep. Robert Watson is due in court today after his second arrest for marijuana and paraphernalia possession in South Kingstown. Police took Watson in custody after a snowplow driver reported a reckless driver, the impaired erratic motorist was Rep. Robert Watson.

Police found open and unopened beer containers along with a marijuana pipe and a bag of weed. But this wasn't his first recent drug related arrest, Watson was also arrested back in April in East Haven, Connecticut for, that's right, procession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He is still awaiting trial on his April offense. For someone who fought and made laws against marijuana he sure like likes smoking the stuff.

He has been slammed by both those against marijuana legalization and the pro cannabis community. His political peers are outraged calling his integrity in question, while not receiving much respect in the cannabis culture for his hypocritical actions by pro marijuana media like The Young Turks, Alex Jones and marijuana documentary WeedGeist.

Rep. Robert Watson is quickly becoming a symbol of what's wrong in politics, and adds question to the integrity of lawmakers and politicians. All this means to the marijuana movement is that even those who enforce laws against cannabis, tend to even use it themselves and will sell out laws for money. Watson is awaiting court on both charges, no recent statements have been made on his behalf.

4-old-old brings marijuana as snack to school - Phoenix Cannabis Culture | Examiner.com

It's important to teach your child early on in life to share. Sharing helps build friends, society and community relationship skills that help benefit our future. There's just something cute about a child wanting to share and bringing a enough treats for everyone, but sharing a weed stash isn't what most preschools have in mind. One preschooler in Connecticut wanted to pass around some weed for snack time.

Meriden police were called to Hanover Elementary School last Tuesday after a 4-year-old brought marijuana to school for a snack. He told his teacher he wanted to share snacks with everyone, and then pulled 9 baggies of marijuana out of his pocket. Shocked, the teacher reported it to the principal and then the school contacted authorities.

Meriden police say the individually wrapped bags of marijuana appeared to be weighed for sale. Authorities are not releasing the names of the student or parents as of yet and the incident is pending investigation. Hanover Elementary School claims this is an isolated and very rare case and protecting children against drugs is a high priority.

"What's so disheartening is this is really an adult issue and problem, this adult behavior put a student at risk," said Meriden schools superintendent Mark Benigni, "This student had no idea what he had brought to school or what the substance was."

Both the authorities and the Department of Children and Families is also looking into the matter.

Alex Webb

4-old-old brings marijuana as snack to school - Phoenix Cannabis Culture | Examiner.com

Monday, January 23, 2012

World War Internet 2012

The net is dawning it's darkest hours as the bills stack up behind each other to declare war against our #1 power of speech. The internet is the fine tread that separates freedom from control on our planet today, and now a near unstoppable force threatens to dominate it.

Many felt the battle was over after many congressmen swiftly pulled out in support of SOPA when some major websites protested (sites like Google and Wikipedia), thinking SOPA and PIPA was defeated, when in fact the bills were simply shelved for further revision. But the bills and acts to "fight piracy" keep coming adding more threats of internet censorship.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement or ACTA is a secret bill which is in negotiation between 39 different countries (including the US) to end counterfeiting world wide. The dissensions made will implement and enforce of new laws fighting product counterfeiting, piracy and even generic knockoffs. This will give companies the power to ban products, decide what medications you receive, allows service providers to make choices about what you do online and even could hold you criminally responsible for even linking to a site with copyrighted material. ACTA will censor the content on the net, and attack file sharing networks and monitor all activity essentially destroying the most popular form of sharing information. Learn more about ACTA Here and Here.

The issue is piracy, and the federal government has taken some sudden and surprising actions to stop it. Friday the popular MegaUpload site was removed by the Justice Department and it's site founder Kim Schmitz was indicted. The FBI also ceased some of Schmitz's assets. Megaupload was allegedly responsible for criminal levels of piracy making practice of paying users for uploading copyrighted material. The site was shut down Friday leaving paid customers out of their service, and their money.

"I Used MegaVideo to steam my comedy videos on my website because they had good prices and a legit player," said Thomas Schultz from DeceptiveStudioz.com, "Now we're rushing to replace everything with our YouTube videos which looks less professional, and now I don't know if we're just 'out of our money' now or what?" He also added that the other MegaVideo customers he has spoken to, have also received no notification about their accounts.

But MegaUpload isn't alone in it's extinction, others sites were also closed or blocked due their alleged criminal activities, such sites included Uploaded and Filesonic. Other sites that are in threat and/or under FBI investication include VideoBB, MediaFire, UploadStation, FileServe, FileJungle, and FilePost. Some are wondering if sites like YouTube, FaceBook and popular news and image boards are subject to threat as well?

The actions taken by our government against such sites has triggered some retaliation from the group known as Anonymous. Several websites were breached and unavailable including the FBI website which was down for an entire day. Handles taking credit for the attacks report more then 5,000 participants worldwide in those events alone. New rumors and videos have popped up across the net promising a new course of action to fight these continued attacks on the free internet.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Police urinated on me" claims Pennsylvania women - Phoenix Cannabis Culture | Examiner.com

Over the recent years we have been no stranger to chronic police brutality and misconduct. Since the 911 attacks in New York civilian rights seem to slowly go down the drain, and America is a rising symbol of a police state. The Patriot Act has opened the doors to stripping us of our Bill of Rights and unlawful attacks by police officers nationwide. The "Occupy" movement alone has exposed the common violent lengths police will go to in order to silence our right to free speech, and repercussion on law enforcement in the matter is limited and almost nonexistent. The number of recent videos uploaded online of police beating, murders and planting evidence is staggering. Now one women claims police officers urinated on her while in custody.

Derena Marie Madison was a passenger in her own car when police pulled the driver over for reckless driving. The driver was then taken into custody for driving drunk, and police ordered for the car to be towed. Madison was then arrested after protesting the impound of her car. The traffic stop was routine, but once at the station it was anything but.

Madison claims she was tortured and humiliated by Pittsburgh police while she was in custody stating that once she was at the Pittsburgh station she was pepper sprayed twice, then dragged out into the snow and doused with cold water. As if that wasn't enough, she was then urinated on by police officers.

After Madison files her complaint the state troopers' claim they had sovereign immunity for their actions. Federal judge Gary Lancaster will allow Madison to go forward with her lawsuit against the officers and he stated the troopers' claim of sovereign immunity doesn't apply in the case because the alleged misconduct is not within the scope of their sworn duties.

Dave Walther
News Flash 420

Medical cannabis patient denied transplant

Why is it that when an individual makes a simple mistake legally his/her entire world gets tipped upside down, but government and corporations can get away with gross criminal actions? One man gets busted for a marijuana roach, while a hospital can just decide to murder a man. Sixty-three year-old Norman Smith was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer in 2009, with limited options Smith went to the highly acclaimed Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. This decision proved to be a great threat to his life.

Seeking treatment and options, Smith was facing the long road of grueling chemotherapy and prescription treatments. His oncologist (at Cedars-Sinai), Dr. Steven Miles, prescribed him medical marijuana to ease the effects of the chemotherapy and pain from an unrelated back injury. Then In 2010, Smith became eligible for a liver transplant restoring some hope to his fatal situation. But tragically Smith was removed from the transplant list after testing positive for marijuana, the very prescription that was given to him by one of the doctors at the same hospital.

This fatal discrimination against Smith isn't an isolated incident, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) reports that they have received numerous letters nationwide from medical marijuana approved states, from patients sharing their stories of transplant denials due to their medical marijuana use. After hearing about Smiths incident at Cedars-Sinai, the ASA issued the Cedars-Sinai Transplant Department a letter urging them to put Smith back on the transplant list and further changing their polices against medical approved marijuana patients. ASA Chief Counsel Joe Elford said, “Denying necessary transplants to medical marijuana patients is the worst kind of discrimination. Cedars-Sinai would not be breaking any laws, federal or otherwise, by granting Norman Smith a liver transplant, and it’s certainly the ethical thing to do.”

Smith continues to gain support and is backed by his oncologist and other medical staff at Cedars-Sinai. But his cancer is no longer in remission and he is scheduled for more radiation treatments due to the delay. Cedars-Sinai is demanding that Smith stop using the medical cannabis for six months and they're requiring him to participate in substance abuse counseling, this after delisting him from the transplant list only 2 mouths away from him receiving his new liver.

How is this aloud to go on? Hospitals are allowing American citizens to die over ridiculous politics, which is similar to tactics used under Nazi controlled Germany. Even if the marijuana was used illegally, what gives any hospital the right to decide who lives or dies? Even hardened criminals like murders, drug lords, child molesters and terrorists in prison get medical treatment and life saving surgery, but not Norman Smith. It should be pointed out that the University of Washington Medical Center neglected Timothy Garon to death denying him a transplant due to his medical marijuana use, this was out right murder. But still no charges, and they get to continue ending lives, in America.

Dave Walther

Marijuana explosion

Don't let the moronic actions of others destroy the cause of fighting for marijuana rights. Stupidity is obviously prevalent amongst all political, religious and social groups, however certain "taboo" subjected groups with just cause gets hit harder then most over simple human ignorance. Marijuana rights activist have taken every blow possible undermining their efforts to legalize one piece of nature, and over the past few years they have gained miles of support and headway. But the road has been hard and the closer they get to success, the more governing powers attack them, work against them and use any means necessary to keep marijuana illegal. It doesn't help when users literally give ammo to those who are against it, like what 3 genius potheads did in Utah.

Apparently 3 individuals in Cottonwood Heights had problems finding a lighter or matches when they prepared to share a ritual bowl of pot. With no other source of flame, the trio decided to use a butane torch which was leaking to light up the marijuana. This bright idea is usually used when smoking meth, which may explain the history of the individuals who had the Einstein idea used in this event.

The leaking container of the torch filled the apartment of the enlightened potheads, then when the pilot light from a water heater ignited the butane fumes causing an explosion that blew out the windows and lit the carpet on fire. One can only imagine the 3 sitting there, darkened and blinking their eyes in confusion like beloved cartoon characters. There was no major injuries to the 3 other then to their IQ. Two remained at the scene while one fled, however Cottonwood Heights police caught up with the individual. No charges have been filed as of yet, but police are certain that charges are forthcoming. Meanwhile, let this be a lesson and go out and buy a BIC.

Dave Walther

WeedGeist: A new documentary about the need to legalize marijuana

WeedGeist is a web documentary about the legalization of Marijuana and why it is fundamentally necessary to not only decriminalize it, but to completely legalize it. In times like this where our monster economy attacks the public and bleeds us and our government, we need to make the choice to step up into the future and create new choices and ideas.

Marijuana can very easily revive our entire nation, and help us step forward to new industry, health care and social services that will not only NOT be a burden on tax payers, but bring large relief as well.

Remember a day and age where our country was all about moving forward and taking new chances to leap into a better future for all. But now these seem to be a thing of the past. We've given all of our industry away, created miles of laws in the land of the free, and fight wars over oil which is an nonrenewable resource. America is supposed to be about moving around these problems and perfecting them. Why aren't we the leader in advancing in our known renewable resources and capitalizing in a very profitable way to end the needs to even have war? This is 2011 alright, we want our damn flying cars and apartments on moon! WE HAVE HAD THE MEANS TO DO THIS LIKE 30 YEARS AGO!!

Legalizing this one plant can not only aid in getting us that step forward, but completely assist us on the way. I haven't been blessed with the faith so I don't know if this plant was handed down by god, but I do know we are gifted to have it. So please help spread the word and let us help each other fight for a better tomorrow by fighting for this piece of nature, Marijuana.

WeedGeist is a homemade web documentary, nothing professional. Just an illustration of our ideas and opinions.  Many feel very strongly about this plant and our rights. The film is made up of, local footage, Animations, and internet footage used for the educational purpose for informing others on a social, medical and political matter. We have not and will not receive monetary compensation for this video and it is free for all to use, view and upload. All we ask is that you leave a link back to me at www.youtube.com/user/AlexWebbChannel . Enjoy and thank you.